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Top Exеrсiѕеѕ tо Tone your Butt Cellulite

Exеrсiѕеѕ to Tone Thighs аnd Lоѕе Cеllulitе

Every woman wants to flaunt a nice butt and legs with smooth flawless skin. If you want to achieve sustainable results doing exеrсiѕеѕ tо tone your butt, slim your inner thighs and lose cellulite is a must. It is important to be armed with the correct knowledge. Unwanted fat, flabbiness and cellulite covered legs are common problems for many women and can cause a lot of distress and preoccupation.

The truth is nearly 90% of women have cellulite on their body. Since it is such a common problem, many women are constantly looking out for products or procedures that provide a “quick fix.” However, those quick fixes are never a long term solution and can be costly and lead to further health problems. If you really want to look your best and get those long lasting results it’s time to find a fitness and diet routine to firm up your buns and shred that fat.

Although it’s not possible to get rid of all of your cellulite you can build your glutes and minimize the appearance of fat and cellulite for a firmer shape. To clear your mind and get you the smooth thighs you have always dreamed we are going to give you the 5 best exercises to tone your butt and lose cellulite.

5 Exеrсiѕеѕ tо tone your butt аnd lоѕе сеllulitе on your legs for wоmеn

The butt, otherwise known as the gluteus maximus is being used to lower body movements. So in this workout routine we are going to teach you how to create a daily workout routine to target those muscles specifically.

Hamstring Curls – 15 rерѕ x 4 sets

Hamstring curls are an amazing exercise to tighten your glutes. Keep your body flat on the hamstring curl machine, gently holding the handles to the front. To start, bring your heels up to your glutes, then slowly lower the weight back to the straight position. Make sure when you are at the top of the lift your legs are at a 90 degree angle and the entire motion is controlled.

hamstring curl

Single Leg Squat – 15 reps x 4 ѕеtѕ (each side)

Use a weight bench or any stable flat surface to put one leg behind. Squat up and down on the plant leg then switch sides. You can add dumbbells or kettlebells for extra weight. Just be sure that you keep your form and balance.

lunge exercise

Butt Lift (Bridgе) – 15 rерѕ x 4 sets

Lay down flat on your back with your hands to your side. Bend one leg and place your foot right below your butt. Then raise the opposite foot in the air while pushing down on your foot planted on the ground to raise your leg. The glute bridge is an amazing exercise because it trains all three muscles that make up your glute muscles along with your hamstrings.

glute bridge

Glute Leg Raise – 15 reps x 4 ѕеtѕ

Get on all fours in a stable position. Then take one leg at a time and lift it behind you as far up as you can go. Then return the leg down until your knee hits the ground, then repeat.

Glute Leg Raise

Prisoner Sԛuаt – 15 Rерѕ x 4 ѕеtѕ

To execute prisoner squats workout make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart. Then squat all the way down until your butt is slightly below 90 degrees. Rеѕt for juѕt 60 seconds between every ѕеt.

Exеrсiѕеѕ to Tone your Butt, Legs and Lоѕе Cellulite

When you first start this routine of exercises to tone your butt and legs you will be sore for a couple of days. That is how the body breaks down the muscle fibers and grows muscle as it repairs them. Delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS is very normal and just means you are doing your workout correctly. After the first couple of weeks your body will adjust to the new workout volume and the effects of DOMS will lessen. You should perform the exercises up to 5 days a week along with full body exercises at least 3 days per week. You will need to get at least two days of rest per workout week.

To compliment your exercise routine you will need to have a good nutrition plan in place. Diets can be hard to follow but if you remove or reduce junk food from your diet you will help increase your chances of undoing all of your hard work. Make sure you get adequate amounts of protein and fresh fruit and vegetables daily. By adopting a new healthy diet you will be able to keep your hard earned muscle gain, reduce cellulite and have the dream booty you always wanted.

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