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Best Cardio Workout You Should Try at Home

Best Cardio Workout You Should Try at Home

Do you want to be a strong and fit mother? Or are you one of those people who want to do a good cardio workout at home without going to the gym? Mostly we think that we can stay fit only by getting a membership to the gym but this is wrong. There are many examples of housewives who are maintaining their health and weight just by staying home. With some good cardio workouts at home, you can undoubtedly lose stomach fat and can get a sexy and toned body in a short time frame. You just have to take the initiative. It will not only save your money but will also save your time.

First, you should understand the basic concepts and benefits of doing cardio at home.

Benefits of Regular Cardio Exercise:

  1. Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises raise your heart rate, allowing more oxygen to circulate throughout your body.
  2. Cardio is also helpful for regulating blood sugar.
  3. These exercises maintain weight and improve sleeping patterns.
  4. This will keep your body fresh and energetic all day.
  5. As we know, many women suffer from anxiety and depression. Regular cardio at home has been shown to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Top Cardio workouts at home:

You can do plenty of cardio at home without any type of equipment. Through these exercises, you can get equal results as you get in the gym. So you don’t have to fight for space on equipment in the gym. Because if your workout becomes unpleasant after spending a lot of money and time, the result will be that you will leave the work unfinished.


This is an equipment-free and best cardiovascular activity that can consume countless calories in a short measure of time. This is a very basic level of a full-body workout. It does not require any large free space for making an incredible cardio workout at home.

Steps to do Burpees

  1. Stand straight with your feet, hip-width separated.
  2. Make a Jump then quickly drop to the floor, touching your hands on the floor.
  3. Reverse your feet into a high plank position.
  4. Complete a push-up.
  5. Immediately return your feet to the starting posture, then take a standing position and repeat.

2- Squats:

Best Cardio Workout You Should Try at Home

This is the best exercise for strengthening the leg muscles and maintaining the core. This is also equipment-free, the best and easy Cardio that women can do at home. This exercise is very helpful for losing weight as it decreases your lower body fat. This Cardio keeps you energetic and gives flexibility to your body. So this is considered a good cardio workout at home.

Steps to do squat

  1. Stand in a position where your feet are marginally more extensive than your shoulder width.
  2. Twist your knees and keep your back straight pretending like you are sitting on a chair.
  3. Keep your back straight and look forward while doing cardio.
  4. Keep your body down and push your hip back slowly.
  5. Plan to bring down yourself until your hips sink underneath your knees.
  6. Stretch out your arms straight forward to help your equilibrium.
  7. Breath in as you lower and breath out as you rinse and repeat this process.

You can also do other easy squats like wall squat, Box squat, and Goblet squat.

3-Mountain climbers:

Are you thinking you need a mountain for this cardio? NO! You just need a yoga mat for doing this cardio at home. This is the best exercise for burning calories as it is a full-body workout. You can do this exercise at any place in your home.

Step to do mountain climber

  1. Start by performing a high plank with the hands behind your shoulder.
  2. Your body ought to be in an orderly fashion from head to your heels.
  3. Keep your arms straight.
  4. Move your right knee toward your chest as far as you can then return to the high plank with both feet planted firmly on the ground.
  5. Rehash this activity with other knee and repeat this process as faster as you can do.

4-Jumping Rope:

cardio at home jump rope

This is the best form of a cardio workout at home. It can make you cardiovascular fit. It can also be helpful for your muscles by making them strong and improving your posture. This is also the best exercise for making your bones strong.

Step to do jumping rope

  1. First, you have to choose the best rope for you. Your rope should have handles that can fit in your hands.
  2. When you are standing your rope should be behind you and touching your feet.
  3. Rotate the rope using your wrists and hands and swing the rope over your head.
  4. When the rope is about to fall and cross your knees then make a jump over the rope and repeat this process.

If you don’t have a jumping rope then don’t worry about it. Start moving your hands imagining that you have rope and start jumping. This will give you the same results and will be considered the best cardio workout at home.


If you are a beginner then this is the best exercise for you. Crunches can improve the functioning of our hearts. It can also make our cardiovascular system fast. It expands the versatility of muscles.

Steps to do crunches

  1. Lie on your back on an activity mat.
  2. Twist your knees so your feet are level on the floor.
  3. Fold your arms before your chest.
  4. Lift your shoulder bones off of the mat with a smooth, controlled movement and start inhaling and exhaling and then repeat this process.

These are the best Cardio workouts that you can try at home. There is another good cardio workout as well that you can easily try like walking. A straightforward walk, whether around your home or outside, can consider cardio. You should take the benefit of your stairs. Go up the steps as quickly as possible. This will increase your heart rate. You can also do swimming as a good cardio exercise.

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